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Nicholas Patrick

Hello, I'm Nicholas!

I grew up in Manahawkin, New Jersey and attended college at York College of Pennsylvania where I majored in Criminal Justice. 

I went on to attend Elon University School of Law and my interest in the criminal justice system deepened as I studied criminal law.  However, I soon developed an interest in the difficult yet rewarding area of family law. 


The idea of working through the legal issues which arise from very personal, emotional matters scares many people away from the field. 


However, the idea of helping someone get through such a difficult and emotional time in their life is exactly what sparked my interest in family law.


I was driven to enter the field of law by the idea that I could use my education to make a positive impact on someone’s life and practicing in criminal defense and family law allows me to do just that.  


I believe that working with people on matters as personal as legal issues requires not only the utmost degree of professionalism, but also the compassion of a friend. 


As such, my goal is to always do more than simply navigate legal issues, my goal is to make a difference and help someone.

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